Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bears and Bunnies

Short disclaimer first......It's a fictional poem.......hypothetical....

We were kids playing Mod Squad, bears and bunnies,
In neighborhood driveways, up the stairs, and on the roof;
To prove our bond of honor we swapped ucky spit and blood.

The hound I had in high school could draw blood with fang and claw,
Attacking other dogs, on lawns and down the street;
To prove his loyalty, he’d lie down and bear his neck.

The man who came to teach us could summon angels with a word,
Teaching about God, on the hills of Galilee,
To prove His unique position, he washed ucky feet and bled.

Now you tell me you want back in, want to play at marriage once again,
With neighbor families up the street and at the church;
But you have no code of honor, are not willing to bear your neck,
And you never really gave up of yourself.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Freaky Phone Call

Sometimes, things happen in life where I look up to God in heaven and say, "WHAT?!"

Now this wouldn't be so freaky, except for the previous post. The wife just called me, primarily to tell me that she had some weird dream in which I had to answer a whole bunch of questions, and when I got one wrong ("African or European Swallow?")-they electrocuted me. Apparently my death was pretty gruesome. But that's beside the point.
One of the things she mentioned was that she really has respected about me in the whole process is that I've kept the wedding ring on and haven't (totally) given up on the relationship.
Livin and walkin by faith.....ya gotta love the process (and the God that is involved in it!)