Saturday, May 19, 2007

Trusting In Higher Grounds

I'm talking, Arabica; pure coffee; best grown and most flavorful grown in high altitudes. Hoping in coffee for what? Here's what: "The men who drank the most coffee were the least likely to get Parkinson's disease."

Just got a call from my dad's wife. They just diagnosed him with Parkinsons. "Waiter, pour me another cup, please."

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Blogging and Checking for Blood

One of my favorite bloggers, Dean Barnett, has this to say about blogging, “Here’s the deal with blogging: It works best for people who have active minds that spin off in a million different directions.” Kind of funny, that. So often I feel that my being all over the map in my thinking and work is a bad thing. But Dean’s right: When stuff happens to me, I think: This might make an interesting post.

Saturday, while out riding the bike, some teenagers shot at me from a passing car. First thing I did was reach down to check for blood. I mentally ran through the list; blood-no; paint-whew, no----piss--thank goodness, no…..only water. From which I ascertained I was only hit with a water balloon. Immediately after the occurrence though, I started writing about it in my head. Mapping out the headline, the storyline, the ending. And I do this all the time.

Side note here: I have this friend who reads this blog on a consistent basis, and his mind also spins off in a million directions. Plus, he can play musical instruments, which I can barely do. And he’s much funnier in print. Dude---start blogging!

I’m sure there are a million other things that work best to make a blogger---reads a lot, willing to put their self out there for public viewing, some form of addiction (caffeine included). But I’m glad that borderline ADD is a key component.