Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Taut Muscles And Tan Lines

You may say it’s sour grapes but it’s not. I haven’t seen John in a year. Our paths crossed today. He is looking thin and tan. He said he’s been riding about twenty-miles a day now that he’s moved to the Cayman Islands.

He was one of the top guys running a time-share in Palm Springs. It was bought out by a new company which laid off all the previous management as is usual for takeovers. Apparently John’s new gig is in the Cayman Islands.

If you are like me your first reaction is; “Wow! He just picked up and moved to the islands. Just like that! How marvelous.” But then this thought registered in my brain. How is it that he was able to do that? I couldn’t realistically do that.

My wife’s parents are getting up there in age. We don’t want to be that far from them. My daughter has two years of high school to go. I have a network of people that I hang out with. Even if it were possible I don’t think it would be workable.

I enjoy my present connections. For this season God has placed us in the desert. There’s a great delight in watching my kid navigate High school. There’s hope in watching God lead us in our current careers.

All that is not to say that some day we won’t pick up and move. John’s life doesn’t look like it’s encumbered by these blessings. Mine is---so until God opens the door to Shangri-La our taut muscles and tan lines will be desert gold.

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