Friday, November 08, 2013


An innocent man betrayed by circumstance. A blameless man is forced to stop a crime, which puts him at great risk. That is the typical storyline for a Hitchcock movie. In our lives God allows lesser but similar events to force us out of our comfort zone.

This last week circumstances have forced me to make phone calls I did not want to make to solve problems I did not create. In one instance I was point man for a group that had contracted to use a facility for a weekend getaway. We got the facility based on assurances from one group member who promised the funding necessary. When payment was due that member informed the group that he would not be able to come up with the required payment. I was forced to make the phone call to the facility and explain our predicament. Though another solution was found I was not pleased with feeling my personal integrity was on the line.

So how was I to give thanks to God in these circumstances? On a basic level I was forced to rely on Christ for strength (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me). I was stretched to figure out solutions and make calls that were uncomfortable. Both of these forced me to grow outside my little comfort bubble. From my bubble I realized that none of us is truly guilt free anyway—none but one.

The great stories involve overcoming; one’s inner demons, relationship struggles or dizzying sensations worsened by spiral staircase. In the greatest story death and sin are overcome. The vehicle God used for that was a man who, at great risk, betrayed by circumstance, stopped a crime which He was innocent of and of which we were all guilty.

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