Thursday, November 21, 2013

Waiting For The Rain

I’m waiting for the rain to come. I spent this past weekend in the mountains of Big Bear where the lake sits nine feet below its’ usual watermark. An adjoining body of water, Lake Wilson, is non-existent. Understanding why there’s no water isn’t rocket science. We’ve had no rain or snow pack these last years. That coupled with a significant increase in population has severely depleted any store of water that existed.

We’re like the lake at times. I spoke with the wife of a jewelry man and watch repair guy yesterday that is working until nine or ten each evening. He is tired and nearing clinical burn-out. Yet he fails to see and comprehend the steps necessary to manage his time. He’s to close to the situation to see the dryness in his life; can’t see that his pushing to hard is draining everyone around him—wife, kids and whatever friends he has left.

Today was my day off for the week. I’m in the midst of a series of six-day weeks. Though some close to me accuse me of being ‘Type-A,’ I need days like today. I did some reading, paid some bills and removed the salamanders from the light housing (don’t know where they came from---I suspect alien invasion). I went outside a couple of times as well and looked at the sky. I’m hoping Big Bear gets some snow and that we get some rain. We need the refreshing and refilling.

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