Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pushing The Envelope For Passion

Capt. James T. Kirk, Captain of the Starship Enterprise, is a man of passion. There is no episode of Star Trek in which the character enters half-heartedly into any situation—unless he drugged, possessed or inhabited by another sentient being. That is how we should strive to live our lives.

My passion should shine in all that I do. Passion should echo in whatever it is one does; teaching, writing, singing or eating. So I have to enjoy it. Somehow some aspect of that which I am engaged in should bubble up into passion.

I can’t keep doing what I’m doing the way I’ve always done it. Passion should push the envelope for me. That got me to thinking about Chuck Yeager and breaking the sound barrier. There is reward in going outside our own comfort zone.

Being passionate about our art will drive us to try new things in pursuit of doing it better. I can understand (though I don’t condone) an artist that tries “mind-expanding” drugs in hopes to be a better artist. In the throes of creation there is a hunger born to be better, different, to think outside the box.

Let the consumers of your product know where you are wrestling to grow. In this your fervor becomes contagious. In this they enter into the struggle with you.

It’s not all about art either. Zeal for any aspect of life; your marriage, raising your children or working on your car will drive you to learn more and improve. Study your kids and know your wife. You will be a better parent. You will be a better fit for your wife. Passion will drive you to love them better.

Pursuing God should involve ones whole as well. God Himself uses imagery of experience, passion and sense; “Taste and see that I am good, I will be a well of water springing up, Delight yourself in God.”

Life should not be walked one slow-step after another with no energy and no zeal. We must allow those things that light us up to fire us up. If we remain continually complacent we should examine our hearts. We shouldn’t be afraid to let go and enter in. That is where passion will grow. That is where we will fully come alive.

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