Monday, August 29, 2016

Positive Perspective: Life Can Change On A Dime

A small e-mail and a world of changes.  My note to Johnny said in short: “I’m in a smaller house, I’m no longer in my marriage and I’m within miles of Joshua Tree National Park.  There is room in the house for a visitor.  Let me know when you can drop by.”  Johnny died of cancer shortly after our correspondence.  I’m happily remarried and living in a beautiful house—closer still to the National Park.  Sitting at my desk in 2006 I couldn’t imagine how much could change in ten years.

Life can change on a dime.  For good and for bad.  Out of the blue my store director asked me if I’d manage the ‘new’ Coffee Bean kiosk.  Change on a dime.  A dalliance with E-Harmony led to marriage.  Change on a dime.  The cough is cancer.  Change on a dime.  Christ comes like a thief in the night.  Change on a dime.

“Will we see the sun at last? Or could this be our lot in life?”  I get stuck in a rut and think it will never change.  It is a battle to gain correct perspective and look at the big picture.  I can see the beautiful canvas for everybody else-just not for myself.

If it’s looking like another hard day in a season of hard days---I need to pull back and look back at the last year (or years).  What positive things happened?  What positively turned out?  Not enough perspective?  Read other people’s stories for hope (The Old Testament is full of them.  Or Instagram?)  Then embrace the ups and hold-fast through the downs.  It may change on a dime.

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