Thursday, June 06, 2013

A Cooling Breeze

The good news today was that there was a breeze. Cycling in temperatures over ninety-five is difficult. It’s tough to push hard and it’s tough to stay hydrated. I started out early but it was still to warm to be comfortable. Around ten in the morning a cooling breeze came out of the East. It brought no rain and no clouds but it cooled the air a couple of degrees and dried the sweat as it poured down my face and arms.

We need cooling breezes in life too. Balancing children and finances and work and personal issues gets overwhelming sometime. A breeze coupled with a raging fire isn’t a good thing; but when you’ve spent all week putting out fires a breeze can bring just enough relief to keep you going.

Breezes come unannounced; a talk with a friend, a compliment from a stranger or a personal goal you’ve finally met. God may temporarily remove an obstacle or He may give extra help; financial or a sister or brother, to make the fire manageable.

The good news is that today there was a breeze. They can’t always be counted on but when they come upon us gently it’s a welcome surprise.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. Breeze = gift.