Monday, June 24, 2013

Everything Else Is Just Waiting

Life is on the line and everything else is just waiting---Mr Wallenda, founder the Flying Wallendas

Life, unfortunately, is full of waiting. It’s when you are ‘all in’ that life is most exciting. How do we handle the waiting? If you are a Wallenda you fill the waiting with practice for the big event. The practice is living on the line as well. Life is chock-full of the mundane and the full press performances are just a blip.

I have a hard time with the get up, go to work, come home, pay bills and go to sleep kind of life. I must have something different on the calendar; a bike ride, a mini-getaway or even a day trip that is different. Those days don’t make one feel significant.

Somewhere in the taut walk on the wire we feel significant. We are using who we are. At the fullest we are fully using who we are to glorify who He is. The rest is waiting. In that waiting is the learning to know significance and to make it all count---even the hum-drummest of days.

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