Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Good Vacations and Great Stories

Another summer is upon us. Tonight I don’t have to drive the daughter home because there is no school tomorrow. It’s a hop and a skip until the first week off of work; the first week of vacation. My customers have already begun asking me what my summer plans are. I’m fairly certain that a number of them live vicariously through me. That’s not really it. It’s that most people choose not to choose a good vacation---or to live a good story.

It even comes down to blogging. Since I was born I had a desire to write. I oft felt like Jeremiah when he said, “Whoa to me if I don’t preach.” All of us have dreams and talents. Many choose to bury them because using them is too risky or demands to much energy. Perhaps too they don’t have friends that are invested.

I began this blog in part because a good friend encouraged me to. Ours is a friendship in which we share deep enough to talk about dreams and what-ifs. I mentioned blogging. He said, “What if?” Currently too I have friends that read it and a wife that is wholly supportive. The adventure borne is not borne in a vacuum.

This summer the family will lay additional groundwork for lives that make a good story. We will goof off, we will go camping and the wife and I will spend time outside of our comfort zone in Guatemala. This summer isn’t the end. The challenge is to figure out the next chapter. That’s the challenge for all of us.

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