Sunday, June 23, 2013

Blogging, Goal Setting and Grace

It has been fifty-one weeks since I set down my goals for a year of blogging. To date I’ve posted 313 times; roughly twenty-six times per month. My goal was to blog everyday for a year. A good goal though I didn’t hit it but, “If you aim at nothing you’ll hit it every time.”

The goal was measurable and realistic. For me it came down to the usual battle between legalism and grace. How much would push myself in order to post everyday? What kind of annoyance would I be to those around me? At the end of the day (which is when most of these decisions were made) I oft decided that going without posting was the healthier choice.

I am coming up to year two. I have a year behind me with real numbers to help me determine the goal for this year. So what?

I’m not stopping. I enjoy the process immensely. It is deeply gratifying at different levels. I process my life through my writing. I exercise my creative gift. People read the darned thing! I will keep at it---but how much?

I don’t know when I’m writing I only know when I’m not writing. I’m allowing one to two days off per week. It is difficult and sometimes impossible to post while on vacation so I won’t fret about writing the weeks on vacation. I’m guessing it’ll end up to be about twenty to twenty-five posts per month. You can keep me on track.

That’s the tension. I don’t know how writers of daily comics do it. I guess if it’s your eight-hour-a-day then it’s easier. So strap in for another year. Just don’t expect a lot this week. The calendar’s chock full of lazy days.

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