Sunday, July 07, 2013

Affirming the Human Heart

At many times I am confounded by my fellow human beings and their behaviour. Being in customer service the things they do don’t always leave me feeling loving and positive. Today I was encouraged positively via connections with other people and the heart to heart type of behaviour that is humanity at its best.

We are heading out to Guatemala soon to walk alongside some missionaries. Our church supports them as do many other people and churches. There has been a great outpouring of things to bring; from Chex cereal to soaps to crafts for children. Along the way our fellow believers have loaned us suitcases and have given us money for travel expenses and ice cream! The gifts have been surprising in their generosity and love. We have been truly touched.

At work today a customer shared that this year has been a mixed year for him and his family. Though his immediate family is doing well his wife and he have lost parents and family through unique and unexpected circumstances. I reiterated the loss of my parents and the trying situation with my sister-in-law who is succumbing to cancer. There over iced-tea and a Caramel Ice-Blended we shared heart to heart and human to human. It was a very human moment in the midst of a normal harried work day.

I was reminded of the importance of connection and the depth of sharing and caring that we are capable of as human beings. It was an affirming day and a powerful affirmation of love in action.

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