Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Provoking One Another To Good Story

Nothing seems to confound the common man more than telling them you are visiting a foreign land in a foreign way. If I were to vacation to Las Vegas none of my peers would bat an eye. Telling them I am going to Guatemala to shadow missionaries for a week gets me a blank stare. I think I would get the same reaction if I were to visit Nepal to work with schools there or if I were visiting South Korea to learn about their culture. It is difficult for people to think in terms that don’t fit their worldview; harder still for them to think in terms of great adventure.

Death is one of those inescapable facts of life. As I mentioned yesterday my sister in law is facing death by cancer. I assimilated death into my thinking early on. We don’t know when it will come only that it will. For me that is why I will spend the extra money on a summer vacation. That is why I want great adventure. It is why I want to live a great story.

I want my life to confound. Not so much to be obnoxious but to give others a glimpse of what they can have. So this week we start packing and planning for Guatemala. I plan on talking about it a lot. Perhaps somebody will be provoked---their box broken so that they can think outside of it.

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