Monday, July 01, 2013

Would You Rather...?

Would you give up twenty IQ points so that you could eat all the chocolate you wanted for the rest of your life with no chocolate penalty (like calories or diabetes)? That is the question Brant of Air 1 asked on his show today. My first response was yes---for two reasons. One is that my intelligence sometimes is frustrating because I see things other people don’t---as Monk is prone to say, “It’s a blessing and a curse.” The second reason is self explanatory; chocolate, duh! The down side is that much of what I enjoy; good books, good music, sarcasm and logic are all appreciated because of my astute brilliance.

What would I be willing to trade? I’ve wondered (mostly in my single days) what it would be like for a week to be tall and handsome. What would it feel like to have the lungs and heart (physically, he may not have one morally) of Lance Armstrong. What about fame and fortune? Would I trade some aspect of who I am for those things? Fully it comes down to the question of being comfortable in my own skin.

My daughter plays this game wherever we go where she asks questions such as, “Would you rather be stuck in this elevator for a day or the desert for a week?” The questions are fun not merely because they randomly call into play the local scenery but rather because they elicit a response that flows from how a person is wired. I chose the desert for a week because there’s nowhere to go to the bathroom in an elevator.

Would you give up twenty IQ points for anything? What about you would you give up? What about you would you keep no matter what? Would you rather lose IQ points or taste in your tongue? Yogurt or Ice Cream? You can see the direction this post is heading. As for me I’m heading to the local Rite Aid; I hear a double scoop of Rocky Road callin out my name.

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