Saturday, September 28, 2013

Scheduling and Serendipity

Shhh---I’m writing this while the wife isn’t here. Don’t tell her I miss her. She’ll probably feel funny about it…

Since our marriage she has been substitute teaching. Two years she has been able to adjust her schedule. Two years she has worked less than five days per week. The first year she decorated and rearranged the house—numerous times. She made dinner---numerous times. And for the most part when I arrived home from work, there she was to greet me with a kiss and a hug. These two years have spoiled me.

The wife has landed a full-time teaching position. This is a great thing for her soul. She delights in teaching; ala Chariots of Fire, when she teaches she ‘feels His pleasure.’ An added boon is the additional paycheck which will provide necessary breathing room. Getting the contract has been an answer to prayer.

We have to rely on more planning and less serendipity. To avoid the temptation of fast food we plan our dinners. Calendaring is crucial not only informational. Scheduling time with the teenage daughter demands flexibility and forethought. Planning date-nights and weekend getaways allows both spouses assured connectedness and passion.

Even in the good things its easy to slide and let gravity and life drive us---usually to the couch and television. Making time for the important things will take a little more energy. The payoffs both short term and long term are worth it. Still I miss those lazy weekday afternoons...

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