Monday, September 09, 2013

Would Mom Use The Internet?

Mom owned many cookbooks and had a lifetime subscription to Sunset magazine. What she did not own was a microwave. She wasn’t big on current technology. She finally conceded to an answering machine which she never used. If you wanted to talk to her you needed to call, let the phone ring ad infinitum, hang up and call again. All that makes me wonder if mom would have used the internet.

I am in search of a recipe for a jerk rub for fish. Unlike mom I have few cookbooks that would contain such a recipe. The wife had suggested I seek out recipes on the Food Network. So search I did. The Food Network must have been infiltrated and broken up because I could not access it at all. Mr. Google sent me to a place called Yummy---a place I was eager to go.

I understand my moms’ bent well. A child of the 60s I prefer ink to apps, books to Kindle. Most walls in my house support a bookshelf. Logically a Kindle would make great sense for one that reads so much. And I suspect that I will convert at some point. I do in fact get most of my news online.

Nah. Mom would always be more comfortable with ink. There’s something innately satisfying about scribbling, “good,” or “Christmas, 1985” in a margin as opposed to an electronic earmark. That being said, I’m adding ‘Yummy’ to my internet favorites list.

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