Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Time For A Paul Simon Revival

It sounds a lot like folk music. If you turn on a popular music station you will hear music by Fun, Need To Breathe and Mumford and Sons among others. If you grew up a around the Baby Boomer generation much of it will sound familiar to you. Listening to a Fun song the other day I thought to myself that Paul Simon had come out with a new song.

I asked my daughter if she knew who Paul Simon was. Nope. Which is why I think it’s time for a Simon and Garfunkel revival. I recently bought the Best Of collection. Just was in one of those moods. Listening to it on a recent road trip I realized that much of it is good poetry set to music.

In high school I was the guy that listened to the lyrics when everybody else was listening only to the guitar. There’s still a dissonance there. The music may be terrific but often the lyrics or the subject matter are horrible. (This is a general principle: There are bands that I love for the music; I’ll listen to Cashmere almost anytime, anyplace for instance).

All you parents with teenagers it’s time to join in the revolution. Give your sons and daughters their music gift cards this season so they can buy whatever they want—but tell them they have to purchase at least one song by one of those old folk musicians.

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