Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beauty and Brokeness (Post #1 of year challenge)


It’s a startling sentence. “Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.” In the days before the ‘old testament,’ before Noah, before ancient history, “Enoch walked with God.” How did Enoch know enough about God to worship Him? Enoch was impacted by two forces; beauty and brokenness.

Eve echoed in Enoch’s wife. One less rib, breathless, her beauty stirs him. He takes her under the night sky, the beautiful night sky. The stars flow like water. He can’t count them nor see their beginning. They spin in orbit. Nine months later water breaks and Methuselah is born. All echo Eden.

The verses read that Enoch became father and then he walked with God. A big world. A little boy. Enoch and his wife; impure hearts, imperfect parents. Helpless, broken, fearful Enoch cries out. God answered personally and closely. Whispering even. Walking with. And when it was time taking Enoch home.

Photo from Davedehetre's photos in flickr

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Robert Orsa said...

How exciting to think we might be the generation to be taken by God instead of the grave.