Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Space Shuttles and Mindsets

We looked up into the sky and watched its flight, 250 miles above us flying at five miles per second.  It is difficult to wrap my brain around such numbers.  We stood in a backyard and watched the Space Shuttle cruise by, not even lit by its’ own power but by sunlight.  Yet we take such things for granted in this age of computers and space.

Working for Prudential Insurance in 1990 they had professionals come in to teach us how to use desktop computers. Today nobody would be hired that did not know how to use a computer. Life and technology change rapidly.

You function best in your first language; and some do well in a second language as well. Those under 35 years of age are in their first language skill set when it comes to computers. Those of us that are older work harder at that which comes natural to them.

Beloit College has been creating a “Mindset List” for each graduating class in which they note what the current class has always lived with vs. what they had never known, that is, their mindset upon entering college. When you finish reading theirs go ahead and make your own. When I’m done I’m going to go onto Facebook and update my status right after I download this new App I found….

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