Thursday, June 28, 2012

Curses and Coffee

On workdays I am up at four in the morning. During the school year if I am off on a weekday I get up at 6 a.m to take my daughter to school. Today is a summer day without work which means sleeping in. Then my neighbor turned up the music.

It was some sort of reggae or ska. I’m eclectic in my musical taste and enjoy both styles. I don’t enjoy them so much when they act as my alarm on a day I don’t need one. To compound matters my neighbor began singing along with the music loud enough so that it was clear through my bedroom window. Gads.

There’s a verse in proverbs which states that it is a curse to shout a greeting to your neighbor in the morning. That is wisdom. For many of us the mornings bring sunshine from the outside but not on the inside. Do not stand between bed and coffee pot. Do not sing Ska to me before I’ve gotten my eight hours and my morning coffee.

Funny thing is that when I am on vacation I wake up earlier. Perhaps even cheerier. You may have to check in with my family to verify that. I suspect that they will say there’s a caveat. They will tell you that I am a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type person. Zombie-like before coffee and tap-dancin fool afterward. Ah the joys of caffeine.

Tomorrow’s another work day. I’ll grind beans tonight. Tomorrow I’ll roll out of bed stumble into the kitchen and hit the switch on the coffee maker. Then I will go through my morning ritual. I am thinking of adding a step tomorrow. I’ll throw open my window and Harry Belafonte and I will start the day with a rousing Daaay-O!

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