Saturday, June 23, 2012

On Dating-A Time When We Dressed to the Nines

I’m more likely to hear, “I’ve got tickets to the game,” than “I’m taking out my dame.” The romantic male is going the way of the dinosaur. As a matter of fact dinosaurs are the only ones wining and dining their women. The youth of today think taking their girl out for a burger is a date; and Las Vegas a romantic getaway.

There is a joy in treating my wife to an adventure of dinner at a swank restaurant or a night of live theatre. Setting aside the time and showing her that she is the highlight of the evening is a grand privilege. Fine food and classics can’t compare.

There was a time when we dressed to the nines and focused on our women. Now we drag them along as companions and equals; to the game, or the races, or for the breakfast burrito. Hey who doesn’t love a hearty breakfast right?

We fell in love with them because they were mysteriously different. So why start treating them as they are exactly the same as all our other male friends? Wooing our wives and girlfriends is a great honour. There is a rich and mysterious adventure awaiting. Her name is woman.

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