Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Want To Live Like That

I’m not ready!  Tomorrow the wife and I have committed to begin our ‘Radical experiment.”  Last summer we purchased a book by David Platt titled Radical.  The cover jacket subtext is, ‘Taking back your faith from the American Dream.’  So we began working through the book.  At the same time for lighter reading we both read “A Million Miles In A Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life (see my post on Wrestling With Story).  So tomorrow we jump in with both feet.

As I type the Sidewalk Prophets play in the background,

“Sometimes I think what will people say of me when I'm only just a memory
When I'm home where my soul belongs.
Was I love, When no one else would show up
Was I Jesus to the least of those
Was my worship more than just a song…”

Stepping out on faith we begin these five specific challenges:

• To pray for the entire world
• To read through the entire Word
• To commit our lives to multiplying community
• To sacrifice our money for a specific purpose
• To give our time in another context

The challenge it seems to me is to impact the world for Christ and to see how Christ impacts us personally. So tomorrow we begin. I will keep you posted.

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