Sunday, July 01, 2012

Fine Lines

I am talking silky smooth with curves in all the right places baby. When she goes by people notice her color first, that perfect shade that takes work to perfect and a top layer that is unmarred yet has those special marks that make her unique. Then when I take her out---when she is unbridled by city rules and normal convention, the boys better watch out.

Tonight she needed some attention. She’d been pooped on and had a narrow escape with some cleaning supplies. Even got to the point where the neighbors were making comments, “She’s not looking so hot. She’s needing some attention. She must not be ‘new’ anymore, eh?”

It’s a fine line between lust and stewardship. At this time of year the heat in the desert affects my baby badly. She gets steamed up badly inside and her outside looks dirty and unkempt. Things fall from trees like poop from birds and soil her. Her paint can crack from all the heat and corrosives.

Tonight I waxed my baby. Like I said it’s a fine line. She needed the attention. Whew but does she look good when she is cleaned up and loved on. Heck I know there’s no scientific reason for this but she’ll even feel like she’s running better tomorrow. When I’m out with her now people will turn their heads and stare. I’ll stand a little taller, strut a little when I walk. If I take good care of her I know she’ll take better care of me. I’ll sing when we go out any my Sonata will hum with me.

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