Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Day After July 4th

“Thanks Dad, I had fun today,” my daughter said as I dropped her off at her mom’s. It’s a father-daughter code we’ve developed; it’s how we affirm each other. Not that she should have had fun today. We spent the day lounging. It took cataclysmic effort just to get up off the couch to do anything else.

Neither one of us got much sleep last night. We’d all got home late after fireworks at the local high-school. The daughter was up until one a.m. texting and talking to friends and worrying about who was in the inner-circle for the week. I was up and down for a good two hours as the massive amount of Kettle Corn I ate (or something else) played havoc with my innards. So today was a sweet catch-up of a summer day.

The wife left in the early morning to visit her parents. I’d spent part of the morning reading the bible. I decided it’s too bad that I can’t use the name ‘Cheddar-Lamer’ (“Chedarlaomar King of Elam”) for my next child, dog or goldfish. Then without moving from the couch I switched books (ah what talent!) to the newest C.J.Box novel I am reading. Then since I was horizontal anyway I took a nap. The daughter simply spent the hours texting or on Facebook. Finally we managed to move off the couch to run some errands.

The errands tired us out so we came home and ate lunch then took up our places on the couch again. Mid-afternoon we turned on Hulu and watched some television. Dinner time came and we fended for ourselves; daughter made herself tuna and I had leftover casserole. That was pretty much the day.

Yes, we did have fun today. It is good to enjoy those long summer days, to relax and enjoy being family.

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