Monday, July 16, 2012

Christians Must Be Well Mannered

Christians must be well mannered. In the old testament an entire chapter talks about Abrahams’ purchase of a burial place. The rough sequence of events is as follows; Abrahams makes request, the Sons of Heth offer it freely, Abraham bows and requests the cave of Machpela, Ephron says to take it, Abraham bows and says he will pay for it, Ephron offers a price, Abraham pays. Much ritual for a little land.

One will cite culture and bartering but underneath that all there is a leaning on local customs and graciousness. In the same way Abraham welcomed the angels that appeared to him and gave them food; Lot also took in the same angels and took care of them. Such acts of kindness are missing today---perhaps also buried at machpela.

Manners are acts of consideration for others.  Christians should excel in them. They make a difference. While in Yosemite we continued to offer ‘thank you’ to the bus drivers and were always rewarded with countenances which lit up as we touched their hearts.

In this dark age it is no surprise that people are only out for themselves. Since good manners benefit community and others they do not fit into this milieu . We serve a different master. We choose to focus on others and not our cell phones, to say please and thank you. It is a small scrimmage in the battle we face. Pinpricks of light are easily seen against black backdrops.

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