Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Summer Storms

I recognize the smell and the sensation in my skin from my summer in Chicago. I’d experienced it here as well though not with such contrast. Two in the morning and I feel the change. The warm air which the fan blew in through the window turns cool and refreshing. It had that smell which a summer storm brings.

Living in Chicago we played with the fans to get the best result. I finally arrived at an angle that was perfect and that blew the air in from the outside of the house. Most of the time the air was warm and wet and only the breeze and moisture helped cool one enough to escape wakefulness. Though often rain would blow in across the lake and you could feel the difference. The air temperature would drop and get cold and refreshing. Sleep would come without sweat and struggle to relax.

Last night I felt the change as the cool air blew into the bedroom. I woke to morning showers and drove into work with the wipers on. Azure blue separated white clouds and a full white moon shone over the mountains. Rain fell fast enough to create run off. The coyotes would be happy to have easy access to water. Runoff fills nature made cavities.

I go through seasons where my soul is dry and rest doesn’t come. Pressures mount and little ankle-biter trials keep me on my toes. This morning’s storm reminds me that refreshment will come. I need only be still and be lead beside calm waters. Then I can drink cool water and my senses will be satisfied with good. So I await the next summer storm.

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