Saturday, July 07, 2012

I Left You On The Hook

I left you on the hook,
For Hillary that lived around the corner,
She was older a bit
We played Ring Around the Rosie,
On long summer days,
My first crush,
Jungian Archetype,
Mother, safety, woman,
One day she was gone without notice,
Gone from the neighborhood,
I still remember her name.

I left you on the hook,
For Eric from Indiana,
He was kindred spirit,
Rainman and missions,
Long catch-up notes,
Moving without rust,
Man of letters,
Friend, depth, hedonist,
Cancer metastasized,
Leaving fiancée and friends,
I still don’t understand.

I left you on the hook,
For Lynn my college sweetheart,
She was all my heartbeat,
Playing without commitment,
Throughout years and seasons,
My first beauty,
Eve and the whole garden,
She, fulfillment, Golden hair,
Breakup without redemption,
Leaving young illusion,
I begin to understand.

I left you on the hook,
Fullness of deity dwelling,
Still I doubted all your goodness,
You called from time eternal,
Shepherd and Lion,
My first love,
First fruit of creation,
Father, security, Lord,
Still I kept on running,
You will never leave me,
I am engraved on your hands.

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