Friday, July 20, 2012

Aurora, Bad Things, Good People

Heaviness and sorrow grip me as read of the shootings in Aurora this morning. We go to see movies to escape reality---two hours of getting caught up in fantasy outside ourselves. How startling then to have reality interject itself into the theatre with extreme violence and no regard for age or status. Once again my mind reels with the unfathomable questions.

Praying for the families this morning I think of their questions; the whys, hows and what-ifs. There will be no satisfying answers. The only beginning of an answer depends on your paradigm for understanding life.

Horrific tragedy is only understood in a Judeo-Christian ideology. If you understand the world as a good place and people as inherently good what do you do with random slaughter of people? How do you deal with the holocaust or Pol Pot? How do you deal with blood running down the aisles of your local movie house? The Biblical view is that sin entered into humanity in its’ infancy. The bent of all mankind is toward evil not good. We are on a crash course for destruction.

There is no immediate consolation for those involved in Aurora. The only hope of comfort is in understanding that once the most innocent of men was killed in the most violent of deaths. That man was also God. That man was raised from the dead in three days. Comfort can come in calling out to Him. No answers nor easy healing, no lack of scarring, no simplicity. The only peace I can pray is that the God who understands violence wrought on innocence will draw close to those with pain and questions today.

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