Friday, July 06, 2012

His Compassions Never Fail

You saw it coming of course. So did I. One sets out with a goal to blog every day figuring 15 minutes is no sweat. Then today happens. You’ve had days like this. Heck you’ve probably had weeks like this. And. It. Just. Keeps. Going. On. All. Day.

Seven years of serving coffee drinks and I can count on my hand the returned drinks, the truly unsatisfied customers. I had two of them today. My morning started that way and I just couldn’t get rhythm. I had customers yelling because our business agenda wasn’t their agenda. Boss issues, delivery issues, personnel issues all by eleven a.m. That was not the worst though.

I couldn’t save my attitude. Couldn’t find a smile or a song or a verse to refocus and regain momentum. It wasn’t happening. Then after work a Dr. visit to get my eyes checked. The doctor visit lasted three hours.

Blogging every day my life will spill onto these pages. You will experience my days of euphoria, my frustrations, black moods, and days when I can’t keep from dancing. On all those days I am reminded that the ‘Lord’s loving kindnesses indeed never cease, For His compassions never fail, they are new every morning.’

That is why I believe God created sleep. We need that six or eight (or five or four) hour break from our previous day to refocus and remember the newness of the morning, coming on the heels of the night before. Tomorrow I start again, healed from the previous day. I will celebrate His new compassions.

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