Monday, July 23, 2012

The Weather

One pearl of wisdom my uncle gave me was, “It is always safe to talk about the weather.” I have become a weather junkie. My excuse is that it gives me something to talk about with my customers. This is the truth. A customer yesterday was talking about Palm Springs weather and comparing it to her home in Chicago. They are in the midst of one of the worst draughts in history. It provided a touch point to share the pain of her home city while talking lightly about the possible thunder showers here.

It seems wistful. Though it be 109 degrees outside with raging humidity I can look at the averages for the year and know September will be cooler. I plug in ‘Yellowstone’ and wish that our high desert nights were as cool as those on the Colorado Plateau. Perhaps it’s also that crazy urge for trivia that drives me. People actually ask me now what the weekend will be like.

The wife grew up by the beach. She isn’t wistful. She wants beach weather. We have the sand at least...

In 2006 I wrote this:

The Weather Girl

It’s storming outside,
With predictions of snow for tonight.
I look to the weather girl for company.
Soup or spaghetti for dinner,
Followed by beer or a Gatorade chaser.
Perhaps read, or watch a video.
Down the hill to work in the morning,
Do it all again tomorrow.

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