Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Meshing Of Two Lives-Anniversary

The meshing of two lives isn’t easy. I am on the road celebrating my one year anniversary with my wife. We are on a nine day road trip. There is an ebb and flow to a road trip. You talk, you are quiet, you are yourself, you are couple, you are relaxed, you are stressed out. Life is like that too.

My wife moved into my neighborhood, my house, my city. It’s an ebb and flow as well; meshing decorating styles, sleeping habits, bathroom habits, selfishness and commitment to the relationship. She gave up her comfort zone to live with quirky me.

It helps if both are committed to the relationship. Though both may be quirky it helps if one (not myself) is more practical and easygoing. One drives, one navigates and supports. It’s a long road. Thanks for my wife that supports the driver in me and the adventure we are on.

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