Monday, July 16, 2012

Angels Unaware

He asked where I was from while lifting the hood to see if the cycle had begun. He had driven over the range and spent the day at Mono Lake. “The wife stayed in her room,” he said, “She doesn’t like hiking and outdoor things.” He is from Maryland and flew to visit his brother in Santa Cruz. His brother is one of the only Republicans living in Santa Cruz, “Brave man,” he said while dumping in more soap.

“Good for him,” I said. I asked him if he’d seen any thunderheads out east as we noticed some off in the distance. He looked at me strangely. I wonder if thunderheads are western phenomena.

He asked if I’d been to Solvang. His wife likes the touristy things so he was thinking about driving there. I gave him the approximate time frame for the drive. I tried naming off cities and landmarks and got the blank stare this time.

The joy of travel is brushing up against others different than you. The Bible says that we entertain angels unaware. I wonder if they ever meet us in the Laundromat.

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