Saturday, July 28, 2012

Spoiled We Are

“I am spoiled,” he said at the end of a conversation about current hardships we are undergoing. It is an amazing thing how in the midst of lifes’ pressures we experience refreshing redemptive experiences.

A small group of men from the bible study group I attend went up to the mountains this weekend. Saturday two of us rode our bicycles to Onyx Summit, which tops out at 8,433 elevation. Completing the ride we circled the lake, ran out of water, restocked and re-sugared at a liquor store then rode home.

Playing hard and camaraderie, sharing laughter and talking about life lightens burden. We did some work and mostly played. We didn’t solve the world’s evils. We didn’t fix any problems. We laughed a lot and shared from the heart a little. Through it all we were reminded that, yes, life is hard. There is much good as well. My buddy pointed out that he can go riding every weekend. Friends, laughter, loves all things we get tossed in to the mix. Spoiled we are.

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