Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reality TV

We don’t have a television set. We have the hardware. We are talking big hardware of the old-fashioned sturdy kind with tubes and weighing as much as a small house. We just watch movies on this antique. Everything else we do on the computer.

Part of me wishes we watched no television at all. As our culture sinks into depravity it is reflected (chicken or egg?) in our programming. I wish I could say I was morally perfect in this area. I watch my share of bad television. I hope that I am more discerning about what I watch.

We watch a lot of reality television mostly Master Chef, Hells’ Kitchen, and competitions. My wife has got me started watching Survivor. This is probably the worst to watch. There is a bizarre component of putting twenty people on an island and watching them run around sweaty, smelly and half-naked while trying to cheat and lie to one another. It’s like picking up Lord Of The Flies for light weekend reading.

My pithy posts are really self-challenges and inner wrestling. October will move us into Fall weather and Fall season. Survivor will start again. The Amazing Race will feature new countries. Though I’m not ready yet to swear off this form of entertainment I remind myself to be vigilant. Even with my doors locked the worst of culture can still creep into my living room via Hulu.

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