Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Encouragement For The Type A Person

Some of us have to be doing something. A friend of mine broke his leg this week. He is one of those people that are always doing something; he leads a Bible study, he does security at the church, he attends the soccer games of his grandchildren. The broken leg thing is going to hit him hard.

I can relate. I feel guilty when I’m not doing something. I’m not as hard-wired as some though and I take the time for naps and lazy brain dead days. Still I have those tapes in my head. I suspect they come from the work ethic my parents set. Part of that also is that when you make a commitment you keep it. That is a good thing. The bad thing is feeling guilty when you make a commitment but for a reason out of your control, like a broken leg, you can’t keep it.

I was reading Leviticus today trying to catch up since I set a goal of reading through the Bible in a year. In chapter ten Moses is angry because Aaron and his sons burned up the goat for the sin offering when they should have eaten it. The reason Aaron gives is although outwardly he could have eaten it, his heart would not have been in the right place. He was still mourning the loss of his two sons, Nadab and Abihu. Moses ends up content with the explanation Aaron gives. Here is what Matthew Henry says, “

Our unfitness for duty, when it is natural and not sinful, will have great allowances made for it; and God will have mercy and not sacrifice. At least he thought it did very much extenuate the fault; the spirit indeed was willing, but the flesh was weak. God by Moses showed that he considered his frame. It appeared that Aaron sincerely aimed at God’s acceptance; and those that do so with an upright heart shall find he is not extreme to mark what they do amiss.
That should give us A Types great comfort. God considers our frame and our situation. It is our heart that He looks at. If our heart is in the right place than God is pleased. Even if we are down for a season due to circumstances we can’t control.

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