Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Serendipity And Gods Care

If you chart these events statistically I believe that they would prove to be significant and not serendipitous. It is a circumstance that may be specific to my experience. In my thirty plus years of following Christ God has made Himself known in this circumstance. When I am down or doubting I ‘just happen to’ run into a fellow friend and/or believer.

I’d spent the morning ruminating on a sermon from Matt Chandler. I was talking to God about His getting the glory for stuff. I was telling God that I know I should be content in my circumstances since He has ordained them. In the midst of my reverie I heard someone call out my name.

At the counter stood a friend that I had met in a mutual ministry some years ago. We had kept in touch via mutual interest in ministries thus meeting at a common potluck or seasonal party. We talked about a friend that had just been married and was now expecting. We talked about spouses and children. The conversation moved on to talk about sickness, cancer and medical struggles. She asked for prayer for a specific medical issue and I assured her I would remember it.

It is encouraging to know that the same God that has determined ‘our appointed times and boundaries of habitation’ is concerned with my heart condition. He encourages through the fellowship of another. How amazing that the God of the universe also moves friends into my orbit.

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