Thursday, October 04, 2012

Expecting Change

It’s been a full day. The wife worked. For me it was a day off. I went bike riding. We got news of a friend having surgery and a friend that was laid off. Dropped the kid off at school and picked the girl up after school. Ran errands, ate dinner, and dropped the daughter off at her mom’s house. I feel like I should have been in bed two hours ago. Its feeling late for nine o’clock. Fall has arrived.

There is expectancy in the air. The days are still hot but the nights are trying to cool down. We had the swamp cooler on tonight to cool down. Then we felt cold and unfolded the quilt. It’s that indeterminate period, that purgatory between Fall and Summer. The day can’t make up its mind to be hot or cool so it leans on the wind hoping she will make a determination. The sun is up late but down late enough to still feel the linger of summer evenings.

Going to wrap up blogging for the day and crawl into bed. We’ll run the fan to cool down and, guaranteed, it’ll be to darn cold in the morning. Sunrise was pretty this morning but it was another fake-out. It looked like a fall morning but there was no crispness in the air. So we wait. We wait for the weather to change and hope for enough rain to bring wildflowers in Spring. We wait for life to change and bones to heal and job situations to improve. Fall ushers in the end of a long summer. Our senses tingle and our spirit hopes for cool change.

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