Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Counter Intuitive Christ

People don’t usually respond the way I want them to. Working with the public I find all type of petty attitudes amongst customers and co-workers. My petty gut reaction is to respond in kind. Jesus’ gut reaction is to love them.

I am reminded again that Jesus’ response to life is so counter intuitive. We want our enemies to suffer. He tells us to forgive and love them. We judge others faults. He reminds us to look at the log in our own eye. We are petty, proud and arrogant. He is humble and meek. We push away. He embraces.

I am reminded that when I first heard truth it was Jesus saying these type of things. It was the counter intuitive responses that He requested that caused me to think He was God.

On this eve of Thanksgiving I am thankful for that counter intuitive, radical, loving response to humanity. Gospel principles have changed my priorities and focus in life. They pave the way for me to love and appreciate my wife and my kid. I don’t love them well enough now, I couldn’t love them well enough without Gospel truth.

Tonight I give thanks for the many blessings given me. For the God whose heart cuts through what seems right into what truly is, and who loves humanity in a way that is so very different then our broken bent.

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