Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Prayer and Waiting: The Silent Season

My wife and I find ourselves in a silent spiritual season. God brought us together a year ago which was a cataclysmic event. We took our first year to mesh and set up house. In June we began praying toward our future. In the mix of life and us my sister in law found she had cancer. Through all of that we prayed.

It seems that nothing happens. My sense is that I’ve done a lot of deliberate praying in the last six months. We pray for a mix of items such as healing for the sis, enlarged spiritual territory, finances and vision for employment. Still we don’t see change.

It’s four in the morning and I stand in the steam filled bathroom after showering. Soon I will head out the door to work. Work has been tough lately as morale has decreased as demands on the employees have increased. The mirror is fogged up, I’m still tired, and I wonder about answered prayer. Does God hear my praying? Is God mad at me? Those answers make no sense in light of God’s character.

It is in the revealed character of God that we trust. Beyond that we have the past to reflect on and see how He has answered previous prayer---like for a spouse. I suspect the waiting is part of the answer. The rest will get answered as God desires as is best for us His children.

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