Friday, November 23, 2012

Family Traditions As Anchors

Why would you leave your ship in harbor unanchored? Yet when I look at the lives of those around me that is how they appear. One of the great tethers we have to joy are family traditions. In the big picture those can be blood line, friends or even assembling together in a church. It is those connections that help secure us to life.

Trying to figure out where to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas is a joyful and frustrating event. It comes down to tradition. Growing up my family celebrated Christmas eve. Since mom’s passing my sister continues the tradition at her house. Thanksgiving too has been held at her house. Christmas day we celebrate with close friends. It surprises me how powerful that is.

Yesterday I was reminded how deep those anchored affections touch us. The sharing of hugs and greeting family and friends affirms our belonging. There is a rich well that flows through those year after year connections we make. Hugs given and toasts over beer celebrate commitment and connection to one another. The bond strengthens more as we share the year’s events; deaths and blessings, family coming home and marriages that are sweeter and stronger.

Thanksgiving ushers in a season of decoration and busyness. Deeper still we enter into the Advent season. Looking forward I am reminded that it is not about the superficial stuff. As we come together week after week we come together as family. Driving all over Southern California on Christmas it’s also about family. These are the anchors and foundations that secure us here. These are the traditions that anchor us through the storms.

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