Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Television, Taxes and the Presidential Election

It’s all about the taxes! We’re voting to keep em, or raise em, or vote for people to lower them and keep them from destroying us. I was talking with a customer today about our taxes in California. I told him that I figure I will be working til I drop dead. He sells high quality window treatments. Having ten or more years on me he says he is going to work until the day when he goes to somebody’s house and he hears, “There’s an old man at the door.”

I’m not in the mood for another rant about taxes. Suffice it to say I’m Libertarian when taxes are involved. Government should only tax us for infrastructure-roads, maintenance and military. That ain’t the philosophy of the current administration. So tonight we wait…

Election day at my house means I’m glued to the computer. Being newly married the night will be a tad different. We are going to watch Survivor on Hulu which seems a good pairing for election eve. We are following that with Last Man Standing; I’m feeling a theme here. Perhaps we should finish out the evening with Last Resort.

After winding down with Hulu we’ll click over to Fox news and follow the voting results for each state. My lovely bride had me assure her that I’ll get some sleep tonight. Hopefully there will be good news before bed time. Til then we pray and hope that next time we talk about the Obama administration we use the words Once Upon A Time.

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