Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Marriage And Weekend Getaways

In a life with little discretionary time and income; How important is it to get-away as a married couple? I ran this same question by a close friend who emphasized the importance of going someplace that, “It’s just you two and thousands of people you don’t know.” I don’t know if this is something that can be measured scientifically. Anecdotally it makes sense. Certainly there are some caveats as well. In my previous relationship we did take trips away; but she brought the laptop and neither unplugged from work or plugged into our relationship. But my marriage now is the antidote to that anecdote.

There is mystery and adventure in being ‘just you two and thousands.’ There are the days to discover new places and share experiences and serendipity. Seems it opens up opportunity for discussion beyond, “Can we pay the gas bill this week?” Ultimately it paves the way for that “We’ll always have Paris” moment.

The wife and I are reading the Old Testament A whirlwind tour shows that God mandates Sabbath. God too values ‘having Paris.’ Why else insist that Israel put up altar after altar (some of them even on river bottoms)? God encourages rest and making memories.

The weekend getaway allows unhindered time to be relating. It’s that time free from stress, routines and errands. It’s a little weekend that is a stepping stone to the big picture. For those reasons and a thousand more the getaway is important. Finally it’s also the carrot that gets us through these months. That’s important for us two.

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