Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Desires: Property-Living Between the Answers

There are no boards designated ‘Asceticism’ on Pinterest. There are great pictures of the ideal house, the ideal yard and the ideal vacation spot. If I had a board in my head it would look like Pinterest. I dream of the perfect house but life has taken me down a different road.

I had a short period of time living in a nice house in a nice neighborhood. Then God moved me out to the desert. Shortly thereafter I married a wonderful gal that He moved to the desert so she could be with me. We live in a little rental that has broken tile in the kitchen and bottom-line sinks and faucets in the bathrooms. We long for a nicer place that is our own.

That is the struggle. We want more yet we want to live within our means. Currently our means don’t allow for more. We are not alone in this. Many in today’s economy simply don’t have a basic house. Still we have a roof over our head and food on our table.

So we wrestle with wants, we grapple with longing. To want the dog and the yard to entertain isn’t wrong. To learn to live in a way where we can invest finance and life in people who have less than we do is our calling as well. Like so much in life we pray and live between the answers.

Stand and sing the words about his majesty
They're all found on page four hundred fifty-three
We could sing them to the walls in holy trances
We could touch the Lord of all
Between the answers

Between the Answers written by John Fischer

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