Monday, March 11, 2013

A Walking Alongside

Sometimes it helps just to have someone to listen. Sometimes it helps just to vent. Drove home angry and frustrated with my boss and the company I work for. A boss that demands that hot water be brought to him so that he can eat his oatmeal at team meetings, a company that takes six weeks to provide a coffee pot for the coffee kiosk inside its stores.

The wind blowing into the car window refreshed. The wife behind the screen door a welcome sight after a day with few personal connections.

I’ve lived in a house that wasn’t a home. I slept with a woman that didn’t hear and wouldn’t listen. I’ve heard sermons about leaving the work day at work and being fully there at home---a false dichotomy.

The screen door opens; wet kiss and warm embrace affirm heart and connection. I ask if she minds my ranting. She says she invites it. Almost as if there were connection there; a meeting of hearts and a ‘walking alongside’ as the spouse likes to say.

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