Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hyundai Quiet Times

Have you had your daily ‘quiet time’ today? Christians have this unique slang. Quiet time is the time spent in prayer, Bible reading, worship, reflection or any component thereof. My favorite quiet time takes place in my Hyundai.

The last six months have been exceeding stressful in the Dillo household. My workplace has been a source of daily trials. So it is that I delight in the forty-five minute drive home. The radio dial has three Christian music stations right next to each other; 89.7, 90.1, and 90.5 (with NPR squeezed right between at 90.3). The car is like the shower in the sense that you can sing loud and make gestures while being relatively alone and unnoticed.

The drive home is a time of giving the day and life back to God. I sing loudly because I need not be self-conscious. I get emotional at times because the singing and the praying are one. It is a letting go of all that went on at work. It is a giving over of all that the family is facing.

People often ask me about the long drive to work. Certainly I dislike spending one to two hours on the road. If I lived closer I would save significantly on gas and time. I would miss those one hour quiet times though. I wonder if God would?

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