Monday, March 25, 2013

Some Days Are Like That

It was 7:34 p.m. when I grabbed the poison off the shelf. Some weeks are like that. The full moon over the desert was beautiful as I drove into work. I enjoyed that a couple of minutes before getting stuck behind two cars while the car behind kept his brights shining into my rearview mirror. The truck lane was impassible as usual making the normal speed up to eighty miles-per-hour necessary once again.

I attempted to maintain composure into my work day but found that I was only praying for forgiveness as every other thought was a negative one. The line of customers continued like clowns coming out of a circus car. Store policy requires I take lunch within five hours which I missed by one minute. One more expected confrontation with the boss guaranteed.

One highlight of the day was that I found an ally in my quest for a coffee pot. Apparently my phone call began a small firestorm. Lisa informed me that she was in touch with the other managers and that everybody was passing the buck. No solution yet but she was pushing them to get an answer.

After work I grabbed lunch for myself and my lady then flew out the door to small group bible study. The wife was wilting, tired from a long work day. Companionship at the study was good but still made for a long sprint before home.

Sitting down to type I glanced down at the entry way floor. One of the floor tiles was moving. On second look I noted that the tile itself was not moving at all, rather, the ants upon it were. That is when I marched out to the garage in search for poison which I applied to the floor and adjoining area around the door. The ants seem to have receded---so has the day. Some days are like that.

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