Friday, March 01, 2013

Hope Stands Against The Voice Of This Age

“The world is too crazy to bring a child into. There is no safe way to raise them to adulthood even if you shelter them from everything. This world is the worst it’s ever been.” I listened to the coworkers’ comments in disagreement. If I could I’d do it again; I’d raise another child. Not because I don’t recognize the pressures working against us in this age. I’d raise another child because in child rearing as in many other significant areas of life I have a hope that outweighs the visible.

That is one small inner witness to the fact that I know Christ. I have this hope that stands against the voices of the age. Bringing a child into this world is crazy the voice declares. Marriage doesn’t mean anything the voice asserts. You can’t know truth it proclaims. Though these voices permeate our atmosphere they speak lies against a hope that is higher than our visible world.

Hope stands against the voice of the age. Truth isn’t relative. There is one who will never leave nor forsake. The Father cares for the little ones. Do not fear for our God is with us. The voice tells us good is impossible. The Word declares that with God all things are possible.

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