Monday, March 18, 2013

The Chains That Free Me

One of the problems with the Angels Landing Trail is that it isn't a trail at all, but a series of rock steps so narrow and precipitous that chains to hold onto have been bolted into the rock face. This isn't entirely unusual: Think Half Dome, but instead of a continuous cable-assisted climb, picture narrow rocks barely large enough to stand on in spots — and large gaps between chains.---Julie Sheer, Los Angeles Times Reporter

I’ve climbed Angels’ Landing twice and the second time was worse than the first. Putting in all the work to get near the Landing it seemed ludicrous to stop or turn around simply because I am afraid of heights. I prayed for the grace to make it to the Landing and continued to climb, scared and unsteady, hands sweating as they gripped the chain railing hammered into the side of the mountain to secure the route to the end of the trail.

There are seasons when faith is like this. I walk along unsteady not even certain where the end of the trail is or if it exists. One good gust and I will be pushed toward my death as was the Glendora woman that fell to her death in 2010.

What are the chain railings that keep me on track? The first is just plain facts. There are moments that I doubt my faith and doubt the truth of Christianity. When these winds blow I hold onto historical, archeological and mathematical truths as laid out in Evidence That Demands A Verdict (a book that lays out sound proofs for such topics as: The reliability of the Bible, Jesus-A man of history, The messianic prophesies and the resurrection). This is the most secure railing that I hold to as I ascend.

I’ve been journaling since High school and blogging since 2006. Both chronicle my life and the testimony of what God has done through these last seven years. In difficult times I tend to narrow my focus and forget the big picture. Looking back helps me see how God guided me through other rough patches. Looking ahead keeps my eyes off the precipice and on the goal and the final resting place.

In this case the chains free me. They secure me to what is true and guide me to the final Landing. Once there I can rest securely---at least until it’s time to make the trip back down.

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