Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Advice For All Day Events

Rebecca Rusch (Bicycling, September 2011) on all day events states, “…No matter how good or how bad you feel, it won’t last. Knowing this keeps me in check when I feel great and helps me push when I feel terrible. You will feel both. And you won’t be the only one.”

This is good life advice as well. There are days when we feel great and days we are overwhelmingly worn. We have seasons of darkness and seasons of joy. We need to check our attitude. The need is to push through on the hard days and celebrate on the good days. Knowing that life is in flux that it is not permanent will help assure proper perspective.

Not to be simplistic or to pound the pulpit on this point but it provides incentive to keep pushing. At work it is easy for me to become negative or cynical along with my co-workers. Pushing to maintain joy seems a great effort and going along with the status-quo feels much easier. My legs and spirit are ready to quit on a long bicycle ride and then there often comes a second wind. Settling for status quo is the same as giving up. Choosing being positive and joy-filled will result in that refreshing second wind.

We’re not the only ones. So we keep pushing to encourage others along the way. Yes it’s a long day. There will come a finish line when we can enter into rest.

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