Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mom Was Funny About Mother's Day

Mom was always funny about Mother’s Day, birthdays and any day that meant she was the center of attention. It was palpable; part of her would have been hurt if love wasn’t shown but she wasn’t comfortable being put on the spot. God’s not like that.

As God is the perfect Father, creator and giver He delights in praise. Like my mom He doesn’t force anyone to make a phone call, write Him a card or send up a soft-spoken, “Thank you.” When the sunset is perfect, when the music hits your heart just right and when you are reminded that there is a fullness you were created to walk in He is worthy of thanksgiving.

My mother is gone now. My attitude toward Mother’s Day was how I gave thanksgiving to God. Activities that I delight in now flow from who my mother was; growing plants, appreciating music and enjoying the rich textures and tastes of food from every culture. I could have (wish I would have) recognized these gifts of character earlier and praised my mom. I didn’t. Character traits and passions I have flow from whom Father God is too. I could go deeper and praise more. I don’t.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I’ll take some time out this year to be purposeful and give thanks. I will give thanks for who my mother was and who my God is.

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